CreateInstall 4.13.7

Powerful installer for producing fully featured setups

CreateInstall is a versatile and powerful installer for both expert and novice developers. With CreateInstall, you can create fully featured installation programs for your applications, tightly packed self-extracting archives and more.

The heart of CreateInstall is a script language, which provides superior flexibility and power to enable you to create setups with any degree of complexity. It has a flexible user interface along with friendly Wizards to create your install files simply.

Main features:

Easy Wizard

You can create your setup with Wizard during 10 minutes.

Powerful script programming language

The embedded programming language has enough potentialities that you can make such setup as you want.

Excellent compression

There are several compression algorithms (including Cabinet LZX). The small size of the extractor module, which is added to the files being installed. It is 50-55 KB about (with uninstaller).

Macro support

You can use macros during installation or making setup.

CD-based installations

You can copy or unpack files from your setup CD.

End-User Internet Update

You can include Internet Update program of your application in your setup.

Multi-language setups

You can create multi-language installation without any Compressor and Decompressor utilities.

You can create and unpack CABINET and GEA archives

Also, you can unpack just required files from setups made with CreateInstall.

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CreateInstall 4.13.7

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